The Region

Hawke’s Bay is a region of diverse and magnificent land-scapes, from mountains and hill country, to inland and coastal plains, occupying around 14,000 square kilometres on the eastern side of New Zealand’s North Island.

Blessed with fertile soils, an ideal contour, and a warm temper-ate climate, the region is known for its award winning wine and thousands of acres of orchards and farms. The region’s stunning coastline offers visitors an endless array of activities from water sports and beach horse treks, to wildlife encounters, exquisite wine tastings and much, much more.

Hawke’s Bay is blessed with a temperate climate:

Summer: 19-24ºC / 66-75ºF

Autumn: 10-19ºC / 50-66ºF

Winter: 09-13ºC / 48-55ºF

Spring: 14-20ºC / 57-68ºF

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