06 Feb 2020

Waitangi Day at Cape Kidnappers

  • Cape Kidnappers

Waitangi Day is Aotearoa New Zealand's national holiday, held to commemorate the signing of New Zealand's founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi, in 1840.

Celebrations happen throughout the country in an array of forms. From traditional Māori cultural performances to relaxing on the beach and enjoying the best the country has to offer, each New Zealander celebrates the day differently.

At Cape Kidnappers,  we invite you to enjoy a traditional Kiwi-style BBQ with a gourmet twist, on the Loggia front lawn. Beloved by generations of Kiwi’s, this classic culinary activity epitomises the country’s all-round relaxed nature, and is the typical way to celebrate the national holiday.

Join us and experience a slice of authentic Kiwi cuisine and culture for a memorable summer evening.

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