Spring has arrived on the Farm at Vegetable Garden at Cape Kidnappers

Posted by Website Admin on September 05, 2019

Mother nature has been hard at work, and so have our team of gardeners.

Following a pleasant and mild winter, Spring has arrived early at Cape Kidnappers! Nature has signalled the new season with the arrival of migratory birds and new lambs at the farm. The garden is also coming alive with new blooms and crops sprouting, providing a seasonal change of flavour and fresh produce for the kitchen, and for our guests to enjoy.
Head Gardener Allan McAloon reports that The Farm’s vegetable garden is thriving in this year's early spring weather, providing an abundance of salad greens, micro greens and edible flowers.  Impressive vegetables from the amaryllis, carrot and tomato families have also flourished, adding freshness to spring menus.
Here’s what Allan had to say about spring at Cape Kidnappers :

“Over the winter months, we were busy composting and prepping the vegetable garden beds with lots of organic fertilizers, including seaweed pellets and organic sheep manure from the property. It is fantastic to see the crops flourishing from this groundwork. The salad greens, coriander plants, rocket and micro greens, including pea feather, nasturtium, red amaranth, are used daily by the kitchen and the garlic, red and brown onions, carrots and radishes are also in the ground and doing well.

"The newly bloomed edible flowers, including sweet william, dianthus, alyssum, calendula and borage, have added vibrancy to the garden and importantly attract the bees for further pollination. More edible flowers are due to be planted over the coming weeks. We’re also mid-way through planting out the tomato plants, aubergine, basil and capsicum, and are looking ahead to summer prepping the strawberry plants and other natural sweet treats.

"Around the corner the chickens are doing well, supplying the kitchen with fresh eggs and also helping to dispose of vegetable offcuts and old crops, enhancing their diet and reducing waste.”
The Farm at Cape Kidnappers’ chefs are looking forward to utilising the garden’s bounty. Chef James Honore added, "the vegetable gardens supply the kitchen with the most amazing produce, which goes a long way towards creating delicious, local cuisine".

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