The Changing Colours of Matakauri

Posted by Website Admin on October 24, 2018

Soft refurbishment delivers new colour palatte to tie Matakauri Lodge to the Spectacular Queenstown landscape

The colours of Matakauri are changing.

Virginia Fisher and the team at Robertson Lodges’ unveil stylish and refreshed interiors that link more seamlessly than ever with the spectacular landscape beyond.

Whether it’s the warm rust of the setting sun reflected in the bedside tables in the Deluxe Suites; the bright afternoon light that warms the straw yellow of the luxurious new sofas; or the deep icy blue of Lake Wakatipu that perfectly matches the clean lines of glass, stone and timber in the dining areas, the soft refurbishment intimately connects architecture with nature.

“The refurbishment has been a refinement and edit that anchors the lodge to the spectacular views. We have moved to softer colours that work nicely with the strong light that Matakauri receives. The deep barn rust has been replaced with a warm, mellow grey and we have brought a lovely straw yellow into the rooms through new sofas. The rust is still picked up in a few pieces of furniture and all the colours tie together beautifully through the rugs in the room,” said Virginia Fisher.

The “edit and redesign” also allowed Virginia Fisher the opportunity to review how the lodge worked and how guests were likely to use it.

“I was lucky to have very collaborative discussions with the team about what’s working well, where guests like to spend their time and how other areas of the lodge can be better utilised.”

The soft refurbishment has included a repaint, new furniture and reupholstering of existing furniture including daybeds in the lodges Suite and Deluxe Suite rooms.

It has also included the repurposing of the Lower Lounge, which has become one of the lodge’s main dining spaces to allow guests to enjoy the room’s panoramic views of the The Remarkables, Cecil Peak and Walter Peak.

The result is something truly special.

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