A Tapestry of Creativity: Artwork at Matakauri Lodge

Posted by Website Admin on August 17, 2023

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Queenstown, New Zealand, Matakauri Lodge is more than just a luxurious retreat; it's a haven of inspiration where nature and art seamlessly intertwine. As you step into the lodge, you're greeted not only by stunning vistas of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains but also by an exquisite collection of artwork.

At the heart of this curated ensemble is the passion of renowned founders and devoted art collectors, Julian & Josie Robertson. Their discerning eye for art and unwavering appreciation for creativity have played a significant role in curating the Lodge's exceptional collection. The Robertson's dedication to the world of art has brought together a harmonious fusion of renowned masters like Pablo Picasso, as well as the captivating local talents of Peter Beadle, Gavin Hipkins, Anne Noble, Andrew Drummond, Stephen Bambury, and Sir Mountford Tosswill Woollaston. 


Pablo Picasso: The Master's Presence

The artistic journey at Matakauri Lodge begins with none other than Pablo Picasso. His creations adorn the walls, offering a glimpse into his diverse mediums and unparalleled creativity. The Lodge proudly displays a selection of Picasso's works that span his prolific career, showcasing his ability to fluidly transition between different periods and techniques. Pieces on display include Peace Dove screenprint (1951), Femme au Balcon (1980), and a collection of ceramic pieces. Guests are treated to a visual feast, where the abstract and the figurative converge, sparking conversations and contemplation.

Femme au Balcon 
Wool Tapestry 


Local Treasures: New Zealand Artists

Matakauri Lodge pays homage to its Kiwi roots by featuring an array of artwork from prominent New Zealand artists. Peter Beadle, known for his evocative landscapes, captures the essence of the region's natural beauty in his vivid brushstrokes. His paintings serve as windows into the pristine wilderness that surrounds the Lodge, inviting guests to connect with the land in a personal way.

Walter Peak
Peter Beadle


Gavin Hipkins and Anne Noble, two photographers with distinct perspectives, bring their lens-based art to the Lodge. Hipkins' exploration of visual narratives adds a touch of contemporary intrigue, while Noble's intimate photographs of nature's details evoke a sense of wonder and reverence.

Andrew Drummond and Stephen Bambury contribute their artistic prowess to the collection through captivating visual forms. Drummond's photograph, titled "Falling Water," gracefully captures the mesmerizing cascade of a waterfall, leading viewers in an exploration of nature's dynamic beauty. On the other hand, Bambury's work captivates with its geometric precision, infusing the surroundings with a striking and bold balance of lines and angles.


Sir Mountford Tosswill Woollaston: A National Treasure

No discussion of New Zealand art would be complete without mentioning Sir Mountford Tosswill Woollaston. His works, celebrated for their emotional depth and connection to the land, resonate with the Lodge's natural setting. Woollaston's paintings, which feature sweeping landscapes and intimate portraits, embody the spirit of Aotearoa and offer a glimpse into the country's cultural and geographical diversity.

Oil on board, signed L.R. Woollaston


A Journey of Art and Nature

The artwork at Matakauri Lodge is more than just a decorative element; it's an integral part of the guest experience. As guests explore the Lodge's interiors, they delight in a showcase of artistic expression set within the pristine environment. The pieces serve as mirrors to the surroundings, reflecting the majesty of Lake Wakatipu and the grandeur of the mountains. They also invite guests to pause, reflect, and engage with the stories each artwork tells.

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