Signature Northland Fishing


Fishing is a very popular activity around the Northland coast and such a high level of interest can only be testament to the quality of the fish to be caught, and the beauty of the scenery. Your local guide who will share all his fishing secrets with you at one of the beaches on the property, as you meet the challenge of landing snapper and kahawai.

A big part of this terrific two-hour fishing experience is taking in the serenity of the spectacular surroundings, and legend has it, a cold beer helps the fish to bite. Bring your catch back to the lodge and our chefs will fillet your fish and prepare it in your favourite way – sashimi, pan-fried, crumbed etc. for you to enjoy for dinner, or breakfast the following day. This has to be fresh fish at its very best!


Man at Northland beach fishing

Salmon at Northland

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