Doubtful Sound Fly & Cruise

Adventure, Scenic, Family

Doubtful Sound flights take you to a more remote area of the South Island’s rugged West Coast. At 421 metres deep Doubtful is the deepest of the fiords and is long and winding with three distinct arms.

The distance from Deep Cove to the open sea is around 40.4 kilometres. It is also home to New Zealand’s highest waterfall – the Browne Falls at 836m (2,742 ft). Start with a flight to Manapouri where you then cruise along the lake passing the largest hydro-electric power station in New Zealand. After a brief coach tour across Wilmot Pass you will arrive in Doubtful sound where often the visitors will see fur seals and in the breeding season the Fiordland crested penguins can be seen on many of the small islets in the entrance of the fiord.

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